Born and raised in NY and VA.  Likes 20 year old single malts, sushi, dusty soul and jazz from 1974 and naked motorcycles.  Not a thug, murderer, or a martian, pimp or trick, for that matter, and definitely not rich enough or dumb enough to pour money and champagne on ol' girl dropping like..what?  Not that there's anyting wrong with that if that's what you like.  Do you.

STIDAK is more on a creative vibe.  Destroying nonsense and negativity in this sphere and trying to dwell on a plane of higher thought , word, sound and power through imagination, creativity, love and music.  Building with beings on similar wavelengths from all over the world in an effort to express artistry and unique mastery of one's crafts and oneself. 

"STIDAKizm, black wisdom of the ages, crack riddim, battle hymns from the slaveships.."

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